Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How to clean a Black dining table

Black is always the king of colors.

Classy, modern and absolutely royal. If you ever dream of owning an elegant style of dining table and not expecting to suffer more wear and tear, choose a black dining table.

Black is super cool and will always be, if you are more careful with this most notoriously tricky table as a small scratch can be seen easily on it.

Such tables at houses with children need special care to make it look neat and clean. So cleaning up a either formal or casual black wood dining tables is a tough task.

Food and prints left on the wooden black table, feels like will never get really clean. Some counter top cleaners contain harsh chemicals so they may not be safe on the wooden furniture and others may damage the protective coating and leave the surface looking dull.

So cleaning product specifically for wood is the safest choice for shiny black dining table.
Some cleaning product clean and disinfect without waxing or providing a protective coating. But these kinds of waxes will build up over time and need additional cleaning to remove dust and replace prints.

The safest and effective wax is the wood preen wax made out of dish detergent, vinegar and water will work wonders, if wiped and then dried with a soft cloth.

Never use harsh or abrasive cleaning products, though they damage the black finish.
The wood dining tables with a high gloss finishes of wood, metal or plastic show fingerprints more readily than the lighter color. Before tackling the fingerprints dust the table with a feather duster.

Wipe fingerprints away with slightly damp, soft and lint-free cloth and blot dampened cloth immediately with a dry soft cloth to avoid moisture damage. For greasy fingerprints on the table use oil soap on the soft damp cloth and repeat same method.

The scratches can be seen easily across the room on black lacquer table, so try using black marker to color the scratches and color of black tea to disguise them.
Apart from these methods, black laminated tables adds a stylish bold statement to a dining room’s decor.

The deep brilliance of the color black appears to blend well with any color scheme.It holds more dust in the oily smudges, but regular cleaning can restore the original luster and one will be dazzled with its shimmer.