Monday, November 23, 2015

Extendable Dinning Table

If you love hosting dinner parties, but having a dining room with small area, we have a perfect solution that can efficiently maximize your dining space.

Are you looking for the focal point of your social center?
We are going to help you to take the hassle out of hosting with our great variety of extend-able wood dining tables.

It provides you with the liberty to transform a dining table for four into a feast for five or more. Their stylish looks make it more attractive and create a strong bond between you and your friends or family members.

Extendable wood Dinning Table

It is also available with storage solution that can be used to store your cutlery or napkins inside. Chairs around this table should be stackable that can be pop around after your guests has gone.

Having the guests at home is a pleasant and exciting omen. Whenever we are expecting some guests, we start preparing meals for them.

However, sometimes we are not aware of the number of people arriving. This creates problem when you are making arrangements as it is embarrassing to have extra people in a place with lesser space.

To solve this problem, all you need is an extend-able wood dining tables. To reclaim your space you can put back your extended table into smaller size that gives a tidy and clean look to your dining room.
Choice of the table depend upon the shape and area of your room where you wants to place this masterpiece for a room with small area but large volume you should consider a table in round shape. 

Square and rectangular tables have leave that can be stored under the table top and can be extended according to your need and desire.

These tables come in variety of shapes, colors material and designs which are as follow:

  • Drop leaf dining table
  • Round extension dining table
  • Rectangular extension dining table

Blend of drop leaf with storage inside can beused to maximize the space of sitting along with storage capacity. You can use it in compact for daily routine but can extend it to celebrate a birthday party or to host a dinner for large gathering.

You can choose the table shape, color design and material according to your taste and requirements.

If you don’t have a room enough to place a dining table of eight in a room. You should consider an extendable dining table.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How to clean a Black dining table

Black is always the king of colors.

Classy, modern and absolutely royal. If you ever dream of owning an elegant style of dining table and not expecting to suffer more wear and tear, choose a black dining table.

Black is super cool and will always be, if you are more careful with this most notoriously tricky table as a small scratch can be seen easily on it.

Such tables at houses with children need special care to make it look neat and clean. So cleaning up a either formal or casual black wood dining tables is a tough task.

Food and prints left on the wooden black table, feels like will never get really clean. Some counter top cleaners contain harsh chemicals so they may not be safe on the wooden furniture and others may damage the protective coating and leave the surface looking dull.

So cleaning product specifically for wood is the safest choice for shiny black dining table.
Some cleaning product clean and disinfect without waxing or providing a protective coating. But these kinds of waxes will build up over time and need additional cleaning to remove dust and replace prints.

The safest and effective wax is the wood preen wax made out of dish detergent, vinegar and water will work wonders, if wiped and then dried with a soft cloth.

Never use harsh or abrasive cleaning products, though they damage the black finish.
The wood dining tables with a high gloss finishes of wood, metal or plastic show fingerprints more readily than the lighter color. Before tackling the fingerprints dust the table with a feather duster.

Wipe fingerprints away with slightly damp, soft and lint-free cloth and blot dampened cloth immediately with a dry soft cloth to avoid moisture damage. For greasy fingerprints on the table use oil soap on the soft damp cloth and repeat same method.

The scratches can be seen easily across the room on black lacquer table, so try using black marker to color the scratches and color of black tea to disguise them.
Apart from these methods, black laminated tables adds a stylish bold statement to a dining room’s decor.

The deep brilliance of the color black appears to blend well with any color scheme.It holds more dust in the oily smudges, but regular cleaning can restore the original luster and one will be dazzled with its shimmer.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Wood Dining Table for Children

Dining table being the most important feature of your dining room set the mood of your family and gatherings and here the focal point of this mood setting area is your dining table. 

So, you need to be choosy enough while selecting a dining tables. 

Dining tables now come in great variety with respect to shape, colors, designs and material used for their manufacturing. 

The most common type of dining table being used is rectangular and round where as both these are selected according to the area of room. 

Rectangular table fits best with rectangular shape room or squared room where as round table fits best with the room with small area.

Dining table and chairs around it should according to the number of family members. A small round dining table with glass top can maximizes the area and gives an elegance look when surrounded by mismatched chairs. 

It develops a friendly environment between the family members and gathering due to maintain a close intimate conversation.

Glass dining tables are easy to decorate.  Dining tables with square shape are best to maintain balance in a square and symmetrical room. 

These are designed just to accommodate four to eight people and in small size these look awkward. 

But it is best suited in with those families who have four to eight members and it let all the members to sit at equidistant from each other and it makes conversation relaxed and comfortable.

Monday, July 13, 2015

British Ideas for Dining Table Decor

Wood Dining table is the central piece of your social gathering. It’s the only piece of interior that let you to celebrate your signatures.As this substantial piece decor your relations, you need to decorate it. Here are few ideas to decorate your wood dining tables.

Glass Vases with Leaves and Stalk:

You can decorate it by placing transparent glass vases in the center and fill them with tropical leaves and other interesting stalks.  Color the stalks by using water paints. It will give a fabulous look to your table and will make your relation colorful.

Monochromatic Bundle of Flowers:

To decorate wood dining tables with flowers is traditional. You may use the flower of same type with same color and arrange them in a vertical traditional display.  It will fragrant your relations and it creates a sense of freshness.

Versatile Sitting Arrangements:

If you have a wood dining table with a reflective, shining surface, you can surround it with versatile sitting arrangements with multi-color dining chairs to mismatched chairs because your table being reflective reflects their colors and looks amazing and charming. 

Make a Candy Vase:

If you want an Easter candy sitting around you, just take a transparent glass vase and fill it with different candies and jellies having different colors. 

It seems to be aesthetic and will attract your children. At the top of the vase you can place a ribbon flower or paper flower. This attraction will strengthen the bond between you and your children.

Bold Pendants:

If you don’t want to decorate your wooden dining table with flowers or other material, you can hang a bold pendant just above the table. It can look magical and charming if you are planning a romantic candle light dinner with the love of your life. 

Multi-Color Glass Bottles:

If you are creative enough then you can color the bottles of different shapes with different glass paints like blue or green. It will create a multi-layered spread. 

Keeping multi colored bottles will not only make your dining table look attractive but will also boost the appetite and give you a happy dining time. All thanks to the color psychology. 

Over sized Candle Bar:

Floral fabric cover on table and chairs keep your table away from looking outdated. You can place over sized candle in the center of table that makes wonderful focal point on to your dining table.

So next time you have a though about replacing your old wood dining table, think about decorating it and adding value to your home.